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Here are some of my favorite blogs and websites.

Yoav Perlman's Birding In Israel Blog: Birds in Israel! Need I say more?

Yes I'm Really Moving To Israel. A wonderful blog by my Canadian friend Jody, who, with her family, moved to Nahariya just a couple of months after we did:

The Simple Living Forum: If you're thinking about making Aliyah, one of the best things to focus on first is getting out of debt, and learning to be happy with less stuff but more time and quality of life.

Nefesh B'Nefesh: This is the site everyone should visit first if interested in making Aliyah. It is also the site through which you make your actual application. If you are neither Canadian nor American, the site will direct you elsewhere.

Haaretz Online Newspaper: Keep up with what's happening in Israel, on a daily basis. The "talkback" comments sections on articles, especially political ones, are lively and fractious, to say the least.

Jerusalem Post Online Newspaper: Same as Haaretz, but with lots of variety (and ads).

Union for Reform Judaism: This is the "stream" of Judaism in which Elul and I practice.

Cake Wrecks:  If you need a laugh each and every day, and have a sense of the absurd, this site is for you. The captions for photos of professionally-made cakes gone horribly wrong are an inspiration to me!

Google, Yahoo, and LinkedIn Groups: Contact Nefesh B'Nefesh for names of online groups of those who have made, or plan to make, Aliyah to the communities you are interested in.

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